My late father was an Iowa farmer and he was engaged in some type of farming right up until he died. He had a remarkable work ethic. He remarried in his early seventies and I was happy to hear the news. I gave him a call of congratulations and asked a little bit more about his soon-to-be wife, Mary, as I’d only met her once. I was expecting to hear about their common interests and likes. I still laugh at his answer. “Well, she’s a worker!” Keep in mind that his fiancée was also in her seventies. My father’s response pretty much sums up the work ethic in my family. We are workers! Are you looking for a life insurance company? Have a look at Renew life reviews!

If you’re wondering whether or not to keep a salesperson on your sales bus, ask a simple question: Is your salesperson a worker?

When I started in this business of sales consulting and training, I had a coach. The first area covered during our coaching sessions was my sales activity plan.

Initially, I thought this was a little strange because I mistakenly thought my coach would focus on my facilitation skills, helping me become a sage on the stage, a sales guru.

My coach recognized I could be the world’s best speaker or trainer; however, like every other business, I needed to sell something before I could teach anything. I needed to do the work so I could do the work of helping people.

Look at your best salespeople. They do the work. Work ethic isn’t old-fashioned—it’s always in fashion. Great salespeople work hard at prospecting. They work hard at proactively asking for referrals and introductions. They work hard at account management and improving client relationships. They work hard at practicing new selling skills needed for success. Renew life is a life insurance company that ensures your loved ones aren’t left behind with your debts.

Good salespeople do the work—and as a result, they reap the rewards of working with great clients. A salesperson who isn’t doing the work probably lacks a strong work ethic, passion, perseverance, or grit. Or, maybe the person simply doesn’t like the profession of sales. If you didn’t hire a worker, it’s time to fold ’em.