Brands need to formalize a website strategy with a clear understanding of the purpose of their website. When looking to bring an offline behavior to an online channel, brands must thoroughly understand how consumers are currently performing that action offline. Brands need to involve their website developers early on, especially in the design stages to ensure the final product vision is feasible. Brands, particularly ones that have been around for a long time, should have a long-term vision of their website needs to prevent any limitations that legacy systems might cause to functionality added later. With data privacy now a top priority, brands should look at finding other ways to provide personalized messaging and value.

What Brands Are Missing to Optimize Organic Traffic The main reason I decided to write this book is to save brands and marketers time and money. Over the years I've seen many disconnects, underutilization, and lack of integration of SEO Agency and the content creation process, which made brands lose money.

I would broaden that even beyond SEO and content marketing projects. There are many reasons why working programs fail, and they are hard to sum up in one book. In my 20 years of experience, while limited, I've seen many programs not work. It can be difficult to see a program fail when you put a lot of effort, time, and thought into it. This is why it's extremely difficult to be a marketer these days. There are many cylinders required to work, and the competition is quicker and the market more saturated than ever. Marketing today requires strong processes, strong communication, thorough research, and flawless execution.

Those brands recently entering the marketing world must understand that they will be held to higher expectations, including a more precise performance reporting and capability, plus endless data to inform programs. The marketing and digital science has evolved quickly and much more comprehensively from yesterday's world. Consumers have higher expectations, more resources, more paths, and more touch voids influencing sales and brand experiences. Unfortunately, many brands are still practicing yesterday's marketing science and processes. Part of this is because of leadership's lack of modern skill set, outdated processes, and uncertainty of where marketing is going.