Like story telling in business, a well-designed, professional brochure can help cement your image as a professional planner. Prospective clients will make judgments about your company based on your brochure, so make sure that it is conceived and produced at the highest level possible. To achieve this, plan on hiring a freelance graphic designer to help you develop this marketing tool. Tri-fold brochures are popular and allow you to include important information about your business. The brochure should include all of the information listed on your tri-fold business card and allow you to expand upon this information, in particular, by adding photographs. The photos should be of successful events you’ve designed.

You may also want to include a photo of yourself. Because this marketing piece is making a critical first impression on prospective clients, consider hiring a professional photographer to help you obtain first-rate photos. And remember, if you use photos of your events taken by a professional photographer, you need permission to use these images in your printed pieces. You may have to be prepared to pay for them, but more likely the photographer will be happy to let you use them if you provide credit and perhaps their contact information on your piece. Maximize your chances of success by making sure your company brochure matches the type of business you have. All materials should look professional, but if you are marketing to a budget-conscious group, a too-glamorous brochure can send the wrong message—and send potential budget-conscious clients running in the opposite direction. As with your business cards, leave your brochure with caterers, florists, photographers, and other vendors with whom you’ve worked. Provide the vendor with a brochure rack (available at Staples and other office supply stores) so your brochures don’t end up in a messy stack on the floor somewhere—not professional!

A word about online DIY design-and-print services like VistaPrint. While these services can be very helpful and are often inexpensive, talk to your local printer about giving you equally competitive pricing to start your business. Unless you have a background in print design and want to spend your time on print design work instead of event planning, let the local print shop design and print for you.