Are the pages on your domain/ web-site freely crawlable by Google spider? If Google spider fails to crawl and index any web-site page, Google will be unaware of its existence. So, the web masters need to generate well optimized sitemap xml file to ensure that Google robot crawls and indexes the relevant pages of the domain.

Many veteran web masters advise the web designers and developers to use standard HTML rather than Flash, Ajax and ActiveX components for the sake of providing better user experience. Because, mobile platforms cannot properly handle Flash images and many browsers do not support Ajax and ActiveX components. Let me talk on some important details on this subject.

There are some known issues and limitations with Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), which is relatively a new way of boosting the interactivity of sites. On the networks side, if applied indiscriminately, Ajax may cause high response time, which could be coupled with timeouts and intermittent network issues. Other problems included are lack of suitable error handling mechanism, dependency and data ordering problems, search robot indexing issues when dealing with deep contents, standard web analytics incapability and others. Generally, the web optimization pundits do not favor usage of Flash components, although Flash can provide a great visual treat to the user. It is observed that flash-only websites lack the full semantic richness that various html tags provide to search engines for the indexing and ranking process. Moreover, flash do not work on mobile devices. Flash websites do not usually provide unique URLs for different site “pages”, which are necessary for bookmarking, sharing links, back-linking, detailed web analytics tracking. It is also observed that flash pages are slower to load. Sometimes, the browser has to load the flash player (or worse, ask that it be installed), then load the entire site or section of site contained in the flash object. By using ActiveX component one may unknowingly lose some segment of traffic, particularly those coming from the non-Microsoft browsers. ActiveX is a Microsoft proprietary software component that allows your Internet browser to display and interact with certain documents and websites. Apart from internet explorer, other well-known browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome cannot successfully run ActiveX components, without installing plug-ins and add-ons.