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Whether you are a local, regional, or multinational organization, there are simple steps you’ll want to take to strengthen the prominence of your brand on the web. Why take the time to get your company listed? First, you want to dominate search results when visitors search for your brand or company on the web. Second, you want to protect your company search results from competitors or similar named businesses. And third (for local businesses), you want to be shown in search results when people in your area are looking for the services you provide.

Here is the minimum set of company listings that must be configured and kept current:

  1. Google Places for Business. This critical listing is the primary source of information for Google search results specific to your company. Google has been working to improve the results it provides when people search on specific businesses, and you want to dominate in the results. So, for example, if you sell Geberit Aquaclean Bidet Toilets and people search for that phrase, you would hope that your company would come up in the search listings.

  2. A Google+ Listing. For both your company and your most public executives. And you can add a hashtag for each of the multiple products or services that your company provides. While the jury is still out on the overall effectiveness of Google+ as a social media platform – it is a Google product and as such it has an important influence on search results.

  3. LinkedIn Company Page. LinkedIn is the primary social media platform for business and professionals. Companies are quickly learning about LinkedIn’s importance with online market awareness and website traffic.

  4. Social Media. Besides LinkedIn and Google+, make sure you have social media accounts for your company and brand on Twitter and Facebook.

  5. Bing Places for Business. The Bing listing for your company is a free online listing with the second largest search engine in the U.S. marketplace.

In addition, here are some additional free online resources for listing your company. For small and medium sized businesses, this site uses your company name to find free local listings that might make sense for your business. You will want listings on many of the suggested sites. Also note that it’s very important to have a consistent business name and address across each of these listings and on your website. If your company is a technology company, make sure you’re on CrunchBase and that your business listing is correct. If your company has a blog, you will want it listed on this internet search engine for blogs.