Resource predators see something you have, and they want it. Going back to the section on observable value, personal items such as watches, purses, backpacks, and clothing all hold some value to the resource predator, but in order to get at those items they have to go through a process of observation, decision making, and approach that can give them away well before they make their move. Process predators go through these same procedures, but they want nothing from you. What is prolotherapy, you ask?

It’s the act itself that gives them what they need. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you may have of value; their goal is to fulfill some personal desire that we may never understand. We’ll get more into that later, but for now, it’s essential to recognize that the things you carry with you can sometimes make you a target. Now it’s list time again. Start making a list of the things you have that a predator may find of value. Start with the everyday items you leave the house with: purses, briefcases, backpacks, jewelry, laptops, and similar items. Not many people know what knee arthritis treatment is most effective!

Those all hold some sort of monetary value, but you carry them out into the world without ever giving them much thought. Now add to the list things you not only hold valuable but also consider priceless—your pets, your home, your family. In my case, someone had targeted my children. For whatever reason, they decided the value I saw in my family could be exploited to further their own needs. As we move through this process of developing awareness, you must note these things of value and see their possible significance from the perspective of the criminal. Only then can you begin to make plans to protect them. Many people ask me what an ozone injection is?

Given what you know about the who and what of a potential attack, when would be the best time for a predator to attack you? Take a look at your average week; at what points during that week are you most vulnerable? Is it when you’re walking from your car to the office? Is it when you’re alone on the bus or walking to school? Write those times down. All of them can be considered intervals of vulnerability, but there are steps you can take to ensure your defenses are up and visible.